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Make Windows 11 Look Like Windows 10 With ExplorerPatcher

ExplorerPatcher is a lightweight piece of software that lets you revert many Windows 11 design and usability changes back to how they were in Windows 10. You can apply all the changes suggested below for a complete Windows 10 look, or just pick one that makes Windows 11 work better for you.

Physical or Virtual Host Port Audit

Full TCP ports scanning

Decentralized data storages [Jan 5, 2023]

Popular Decentralized data storages

deploy an internal certificate authority

some internal sites that run over HTTPS and thus need a valid cert

Windows Kubernetes 101

Install k8s on windows

Bare Metal automation with Openstack and Kubernetes

MAAS is kind of VMware vsphere but bare metal level automation,

Issue Tracking / Kanban / Scrum

Related issue tracking ticketing system

Laboratory 7: System Integration

apply appropriate techniques in operating systems integration

Fiber bending radius

how sharply a cable can safely bend without causing damage by creating micro cracks on the glass fibers

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